Teacher won at the Davis real estate sales game, fair & square!

Although I am a Teacher, & in all honesty, teaching is my goal for my career (teaching may not be as "glamorous" as real estate sales, it is a more noble & honorable profession, & I am academically gifted, & it's my vocational calling), I did in fact outdo the competition in real estate; the local community acknowledged it had become essentially a monopoly game (but it was evident that the other side was highly corrupt & oppressive), & according to Rules of Fair Play & Doctrine of Estoppel, I won. Below is a picture of a 16 unit apartment complex built on the site of the Davis Nursery; I listed & sold this property at list price, nearly a half acre located on H St. in Davis (just down from Davis Little League fields), in 2001 to a Davis citizen named Ali Ghorbanzadeh, a local home builder. He built the apartments on it & I believe he named it "The Boardwalk" because of what everyone in town ackowledged to be the truth, that I had defeated the competition & won at the real estate sales game, & was entitled to the "championship;" recognition as a successful leading salesman at minimum.

Rules of Fair Play:
Despite Doug Arnold of Coldwell Banker, the biggest broker in Yolo County, pressuring almost all the brokers in Yolo County to refuse to hire me in 1997-1999, I succeeded to work & produce sales. Arnold then filed false charges against me & instigated 4 other brokers to do the same, including several false arrests (see cs. 98-3763 in "Court Documented Proof" page) (he continues to this day to control citizens in a conspiracy to enslave & get rid of me). I defeated them hands down in jury trial in Yolo superior court on 17 Sept. 1999; vindicated of 15 out of 15 cts (5 cases total, 8 charges, 15 cts.)! I then proceeded to win over many of the most lucrative clients in town, including the biggest developer, & the most awesome developer, the late Al Smith, & additionally clients such as Donna Lott, Citizen of the Year 2001, the Serrato's of Sacramento, & others. I moreover upstaged Doug Arnold in real estate, creating a lot of excitement in the area. I out-marketed him, I proved him to be a criminal, & won over cream of the crop of the area as far as clients, & defeated him ethically as well, showing love & professionalism to friend & foe. According to the Rules of Fair play, I won hands down, & in an honest community I would have received justice & been established as a professional to be able to go forward with real estate, or any profession I might choose, right then & there. Instead, the community was lured into a cover-up, code of silence, & plot to get rid of me & sweep it under the carpet, mostly because it was a predominantly atheist community, & I am a high-profile Christian, but the community also suffered a blow to the ego (putting it mildly) with the occurrence of the 9/11 terrorist attacks; the community for several years had been dialing 9-1-1 to call police to persecute me for evangelizing about Jesus in shopping centers. These factors acted to polarize the community, including many clients, against me.

Doctrine of Estoppel
Owner of Benefit Real Estate in beginning of 2000 said, "Joe, based on what you said that Doug Arnold did to you, you own Coldwell Banker Doug Arnold real estate!" In effect he was enunciating the Rules of Fair Play. Doctrine of Estoppel is a legal, & often binding principle that says that if one party agrees to act, & acts, to their detriment for another party, that creates an obligation, a commitment from the party on whose behalf the acts were performed. I did a lot of work in real estate for a lot of clients, & these clients gave me assurances that they would do business with me at that time & in the future.

Both the Doctrine of Estoppel & Rules of Fair Play say I was entitled to my profession & justice at that point, without delays, without any catches, or hitches. I had already battled & defeated my foes fair & square; I had proven myself, I had already defeated & out-marketed the competition & proven them to be wicked. Many of my clients (but not all of them) then subsequently joined the conspirators to attempt to ruin me, including more than 2 years jail captivity, & years of slavery. They deceptively attempted to dupe me that I still hadn't merited success, that the "rules" were, & continue to be, that they can captivate me, enslave me, plot against my life, & it's all part of inheriting or achieving the lucrative successful real estate agent position. Moreover, because they have ultimately plans to murder me, my decision to go into teaching short-circuits a lot of their traps, that were designed with me continuing in real estate; for this reason they commit conspiracies to prevent me from teaching!

Public enemy #2

Statue of unclothed female walking a beam

Art display located in front of Fifth Street Apts., across the street from the Davis post office; statue of unclothed female walking an I-beam balance beam; without a doubt attempt to smear my Mom. In 2001-2004 my parents came to the rescue by providing me with several loans to help me with my employment & legal battles, & had shown support previous to that as well. Since my Mom was more visibly involved, she became essentially Public Enemy #2 in Davis for defending my rights against the local monsters (with yours truly Public Enemy #1; see hangman's gallows made of I-beams below). Notice the balance beam is an I-beam; this was a subtle reference to the 9/11 attacks of the Twin Towers; citizens had used 9-1-1 to call police & commit the 2-3 dozen false arrests & kidnappings of me for spreading the Word of Christ as of end of 2001; they couldn't deny the association of the 9/11 attacks with the community's wickedness use of 9-1-1.

"I'm Minus" Slavery Conspiracy

Golden Gate Towing trucks in San Francisco with tow hitches in the form of a cross

From 2005-2007 I was hostage in Yolo jail for 2 years with almost everyone in the county fullly aware of it, & everyone in Yolo County & beyond knew for a fact I was & am innocent, yet no one lifted a finger for my rights.  In 2006 a Mexican inmate in jail section A-2 300 named Herrera said to one of the officers, "I'm Minus," & the officer acknowledged the coded communication. I was released & back home as of Oct. 2007, & in 2008 I earned more than $15K petitioning for ballot measures & marketing, yet almost all the citizens in Davis, including my alma mater the Aggies, were programmed to deny me a place to live.  They made explicit communications that I wouldn't be renting.  I then purchased a truck & shell to stay in.  Suddenly my income dropped down to $292/yr, when, despite applying daily for jobs (both then & now), career positions as a Teacher, jobs as a tutor, salesman, management, but also hundreds of applications made for ordinary jobs & grunt labor; dishwashing, sign-waving, cleaning, waiting tables; yet it was again communicated to me not only in Yolo, but also in Solano & Sacramento Counties, that I wouldn't be employed.  With only my $10/hr. 8 hr/wk sign-waving job, & that from a Sacto firm ($292/mo.), local Davis & Woodland conspirators started threatening me that if I didn't quit my sign-waving job, I'd disappear from the community again.  11 Jan. 2010, kidnapped by Davis police, pursuant to Yolo cs. 09-4111 kangaroo trial orchestrated by Yolo judge Gaard & Yolo deputy Tzang, along with Mexican conspirators (at the bidding of Davis atheists), with Mexican inmates in jail repeatedly claiming involvement; I was held hostage for 93 days for my testimony for Christ in Davis, because I refused to stop working, & for holding signs up on a public sidewalk over I-80;  constitutionally protected activity. The plot was to tow my truck upon kidnapping me.  Tow companies locally, & far & wide, testifying that the local monsters are attempting to destroy me because of my testimony for Christ & refusal to leave Davis; towing cos. in Davis recently started using tow hitches in form of a cross, & it has spread as far as San Francisco, where I took a picture of this Golden Gate Tow Truck in May 2010 while petitioning in SF.  

From 2007 to present (& before) they have been controlling my income & living conditions: Upon income reduction to $292/mo. my alternator & battery both suspiciously went out in one day; from full power to zero, & there were suspicious circumstances as well.  Pursuant to a Davis ordinance, you have to relocate your vehicle every 5 days, & it must move by it's own power, or it'll be towed.  My truck was operational, except that I didn't have enough income to make $100-200 worth of repairs, as the conspirators had arranged.  This meant having to ask for jumps..."Can you give me a jump?  Are you negative ground?"  Response, "Yes, I'm minus."  3 years subsequent to Herrera's coded conspiratorial inuendo, the local community participated with them to control my life, liberty, & income.  I WANT THESE MONSTERS ARRESTED!

During my stay in SF in May & June 2010, many citizens were supportive & welcoming of me.

"Gee whiz, I'm famous!"

Many of you all across the nation have heard of me, my struggles, my victories, & the regional conspiracy against me, & many are aware it has been occurring for years. Please stand up for my rights! You can do this by calling the gov't officials on the Justice Power-O-Rama page. Please put the pressure on them! The state & national leaders have the all facts, & yet they have failed to arrest the conspirators. As for my "fame" for ex., my college graduation interview suit that I purchased in 1991 has become "world famous!" Everyone from hip-hop to rock stars to Ellen Degeneres has displayed my suit (grey with light pin stripes design from JC Penney). The design seems to be David Letterman's favorite; ; on a CBS News website, in 8 out of 20 pictures of him he is modeling variations of the suit. A Kaplan graduate ; this ad was delivered to my e mail, so that I'd be sure to see it. Many of you are probably aware of the "fame" of this suit, that it represents the career(s) that I am worthy of but have been deprived of because of the local scandal & the gov't's failure to halt it; others of you may simply be aware that the design has been unusually popular lately. The sports suit design has been incorporated into everything from baseball caps to hats, to backpacks, like this one available in Ross clothing store in Woodland last Sun. (6/28/2009)! Notice also in the Kaplan picture the model's boyish hair style; almost identical to my hair style in jr. high. In 2006 Rolling Stone magazine had an ad with a youth who was the spittin' image of me at jr. hi/high school age; he was seated in a room loaded with trophies, plaques, & awards, & wearing a light green polo shirt identical to one I had at that age. The message of the ad: Everyone knows I am worthy of a huge victory & many awards, yet through scandal they have been robbing me of justice & my just rewards & recognition, while attempting to destroy me! Furthermore, to demonstrate the monstrosity of it, locally there have been local people wearing this same shirt, such as this individual on the bus, & a youth with his parents in Davis, publicly asserting they have succeeded with the cover-up; that they have succeeded at robbing me of the victories of my hard-won court battles & career successes, & my rights, in attempt to empower their ultimate goal of destroying me. The truth about my career: I am a Spanish Teacher; I was working as a real estate agent for a while & gave it my all. Because I overcame the attempts to put me out of business by a local tyrant broker, the biggest broker in Yolo County, people in the area started saying I deserved to be the new #1 broker, the "king" of real estate. While I was flattered, I never claimed this title, publicly or privately, nor was it ever my personal prayer. The conspirators created the label, then spread lies saying I was claiming I had to be the king of RE, & therefore I was being ambitious & egotistical; they brainwashed people into allowing them to persecute me & hold me hostage for 2 years for my supposed selfish ambition!

"The Capitol isn't there"

I was kidnapped from the UCD Coffee House in Aug. 2004 after people all over the nation had heard of me, & state & national gov't officials were fully aware of the systematic oppression & my complaints & cries for justice. In fact, in Feb. 2005 I was repeatedly going to the state Capitol building to try to speak to Gov. Schwarzenegger, & the CHP officers kidnapped me from the lobby of the Gov.'s office. The violative act, from start to finish, is on video; I was a model citizen asking to speak to the Gov. so he could provide justice. It resulted in 4 1/2 mos. captivity in the Sac. County jail, when they knew I was an innocent victim! First Amendment US Constitution includes the right to "petition the government for redress of grievances." Schwarzenegger was fully aware of the violative act, from the beginning, had access to the Capitol bldg. video proving my innocence, & yet failed to halt the unjust abduction, kangaroo trial, & 4 1/2 mo. captivity. In the UCD Coffee House, I made a friendly comment to a Mid-eastern female student; the comment may have been misunderstood, but she & her friends got up & left & called the police, who kidnapped me, despite that it was agreed after questioning me that I simply made a friendly comment to her about her bonnet. Yolo d.a. & judge then orchestrated a kangaroo trial, & this false accusation, along with several others, resulted in hostage captivity of me for almost 2 years in Yolo jail. It was & is common knowledge in the area that I didn't do anything wrong; Muslims subsequently renovated their local mosque, located across the street from UCD, & included as part of their architecture this public testimony of the "see-through" capitol building
This testimony may also be referring to the national Capitol building.

Proof from a conspiratorial source of vindications/acquittals in 31 out of 33 cases, demonstrating police kidnappings

Yolo d.a. communication (pg.1 & pg.2) sent to a third party as part of the conspiracy to destroy me. This communication obviously was never intended to be made public. It is a prima facie admission & confession by one of the conspirators (Yolo district attorney) of the overwhelming court-documented proof of my innocence & their guilt as coconspirators with the Davis police, as of this point for several years they had been unjustly prosecuting me with full knowledge of my innocence. As demonstrated from the chart on pg.2, from 1997 to 2002 there had been 33 cases of charges brought against me, yet only 2 convictions, & those resulted only because the prosecution witnesses lied & I was the only witness on my behalf. 98-5050 I won through appeal; unjust convictions 97-3363, & 99-6524/99-6350. Furthermore, the cases of vindications often involved as many as 5 counts or more for each case. As of 2003 they coerced the judges to participate in the conspiracy, & orchestrated 7 kangaroo trials. Note also I furnished these facts to the Ca. Commission on Teaching Credentialing, with far more documentation, including court documents for each of the vindications/acquittals, & yet they have failed to re-activate my Teaching Credential! In the face of this obvious proof of conspirancy the CTC are coconspirators. Yolo d.a. failed to arrest the Davis guilty parties of the Davis police & others, & instead as of 1999 officially became coconspirators with them.

City officials & community willfully place their kids in imminent danger on a daily basis!

Montgomery Elementary School, located in S. Davis, has a 4-5 ft. drop with concrete blocks located vitually on the school grounds, in an area accessible & frequented by kids, with no railing, fence, not as much as safety tape to protect them! A fall from this height could permanently injure or kill a child, cracking their head open on the concrete blocks (school kindergarten yard in the background, a few yards away). The school was constructed in 2003, along with a bike path adjacent to the school grounds, but at an incline to facilitate a bike path tunnel, with a long stretch located 4-5 ft. below ground level & the school yard elevation. I was unaware of the hazzard until recently, due to fact that I simply am rarely in that particular section of town. Once I discovered it, I reported it to City officials, & also complained in person at a council meeting. I was convinced they would remedy it once it was publicly exposed, but several weeks later, I noticed the hazzard was still there! The principal is Mrs. Wickwire; I wouldn't define this as "under the wire" as far as avoiding wickedness. I then placed safety tape along the ledge to protect the children. 4-5 ft. drop with concrete blocks

It is public knowledge that the Davis police custom of violative acts was mostly spawned by members of University Covenant Church

As of end of 1998, when the Davis police had begun systematically violating my rights, the police dept. redesigned their police cars with black & white colors (before it was blue & white) & decals with a
horizontal "broken stripe" design along the sides of the vehicles (they subsequently changed the look of their cars again recently). It was several years later before I noticed the decals were the same design as the logo of the Freewheeler bikeshop in downtown (except black in color); the Freewheeler is owned & operated by a member of University Covenant Church & his son. In the past I was a member of University Covenant Church (UCC) until they disciplined me without cause, & although I agreed to the discipline under protest, they then later broke their covenant concerning the punishment, trying to deceptively add more punishment. UCC "leaders" then frivolously called the police on me twice in 1997-1998 because I was still attending despite their deceptive acts (one of them subsequently apologized for one of the incidents). The Davis police, by adopting the Freewheeler's logo for their police cars, made an unequivocal, undeniable public statement that the persecution of me was directly instigated by the false accusations of the UCC officials, & their inuendos against my reputation. I called Scott Agee, one of the UCC elders who was involved with, & had gone along with, the UCC deceptions, & spoke with him on the phone several years later in 2002, after I had publicly vindicated my reputation & won widespread recognition for being talented & hard-working, a reputation as a faithful soul-winner for Christ; I demanded he & UCC repent of the oppressions they had helped instigate, & publicly renounce any further oppressions; he refused, & said, "This is your day!," & hung up. Years later, in 2008, (at about the same time the police were once again changing their police car look to the current design) I was evangelizing on the street corner where Freewheeler is located, Second & F Sts., & the owners called the police to have me kidnapped (I was on a public sidewalk!). Despite UCC's hate crimes instigating a 2 year captivity, & despite my succeeding in flying colors in proving myself to be a hard-working, capable professional in the community & an involved, law-abiding citizen, they are still trying to instigate the police to destroy me! Because it hasn't been the m.o. of the Davis police to kidnap me from sidewalks (only from shopping centers, etc.), the police didn't oblige Freewheeler's request to oppress me in that particular instance. The Dpd's police car design constitutes proof that the leaders of UCC were placed on notice & were & are fully aware of the consequences & the severe damages their lies & false accusations have caused me.

Whether or not UCC leaders & members have been directly involved in the ensuing full-blown conspiracy that resulted as of 2003 & continues to this day, they had the unequivocal duty & obligation as early as 1998 to publicly state & warn citizens that UCC wasn't condoning the willful, systematic, cold, & calculated violative acts repeatedly committed against me by the Davis police & any other citizens claiming to be an extention of UCC's deceptive acts, & wanted no part of such crimes & persecutions. UCC's willful & prolonged silence, with full knowledge that they had instigated repeated hatecrimes against me, including kidnappings & enslavement & hostage captivity of me, was & is implicit approval & ratification of the oppression against me, & the oppressors' claims to be performing it in UCC's name. I am not commenting here as to any evidence of direct involvement of UCC in the hostage captivity.

The coersion plot that changed Yolo County

Currently the conspirators are harassing me & making death threats to force a confession of a 1999 incident that I pushed a neighbor who had come to my residence to make false accusations against me when I lived on Drake Dr. But when I say the oppression involves coercing a "confession" that I "pushed" someone, I mean they are harassing me to force a literal confession of that exact verbage, containing the terms "push," or they would be delighted with a "shove" statement as well! I truthfully testified to the facts of the incident in Yolo court jury trial Yolo cs. 99-6530; this testimony is on pg. 98 of reporter transcripts, copy available here for all to see.
Prov. 24:26; "A kiss on the lips for him who tells the truth."

Testimony from reporter's transcripts of jury trial of cs. 99-6350, pg. 98:
D.a.: "Did you push him?"
Sherman: "...I took my hands & carried him off the property."
D.a.: "Did you put your hands onto Jeff Workman's person, on his body?"
Sherman: "Yes."

I never testified that I didn't touch him, but man to man, it wasn't enough to be a "push." If I could do it over, I would holler at him & close the door. But the hate criminals were false arresting & kidnapping me (1)while testifying about Jesus in shopping centers, (2)while trying to earn a living in real estate in town, & (3)for simply being in the community! & now they were coming to my front door & falsely accusing me!!! Additionally, that same morning someone in downtown had grabbed me in a hostile manner. I had never seen Workman before; at first I thought he was the guy from the hostile incident in downtown, & so I may have lost self-control. but I'd never been to his home, nor had I done anything to him or his wife; they came to my front door to harass me, presumably because they had read about me in the newspapers, & didn't want me living near them. But the fact is, a month before this incident, in Sept. 1999, my reputation had been absolutely publicly vindicated in a jury trial, involving 5 false accusers, a total of 8 false charges, 15 counts against me; the judge threw out 2 cts. & the jury acquitted me of all the other cts., cs. 98-3763. This was such an overwhelming victory that everyone had heard of it; there is no way these neighbors wouldn't have been aware of it! They were trying to protect the police & prevent me from escaping from the clutches of the hate criminals.

Telling the truth isn't enough for these terrorists. They have been reaming me, claiming that if they don't get their choice of verbage, it's lying & can continue to harass me. This demonstrates their crimes of slavery. Further proof of this cold, calculated plot, is that in 2003 the harassment culminated in a false arrest on Yolobus involving Yolobus driver, police, & a passenger, falsely accusing me of pushing him (cs.03-1710); once again, my trial testimony was truthful; he was trying to start a fight, blocking my way to a seat on the bus, & I refused to fight him on the bus & simply squeezed past him to take a seat. There were as many as a dozen passengers on the bus who could have testified on my behalf when the police arrived, but none of them lifted a finger. They wanted to make me pay for the "lie" of 1999. I was found guilty in kangaroo trial & was held hostage in jail for 40 days. & this was despite a witness, Karen Whala, testifying on my behalf from a previous false arrest on Yolobus by the same bus driver & same police officer on the same bus 1 1/2 mos. previous! Charges were dropped in previous cs.; they violated my rights. Furthermore, cs. 03-1710 was the sixth false arrest/kidnap of me over a 4 year period, & I had been vindicated of the previous 5, proving Yolobus already had a plot to illegally ban me & whitewash the Davis police hate crimes.

Tell-tail proof of a horrible marriage - death row plot

Plot within community to jail me "sitting or standing"

Hangman's gallows

Art display located in Davis Commons shopping center in 2002-2003; 7 kangaroo trials & 2 year unjust jail captivity immediately followed (2003-2007). Constructed of I-beams: As of 2001 I had been false arrested & kidnapped by police many times for evangelizing for Jesus in shopping centers, with cooperation of citizens in community calling 9-1-1. When the terrorist acts of 9/11 occurred, it was an undeniable shame on the community, but instead of repenting, they became more wicked & began plotting to destroy me to cover up their manifest wickedness (I-beams represent the Twin Towers I-beams);

Caged man in gallows;

Statue of man standing in cage in base of I-beam gallows located in Davis Commons shopping center. He is standing, as opposed to sitting, because it became common knowledge that despite dozens of false arrests/kidnappings, & subsequent 24-hr book & release (unless they held me there longer), I was refusing to sit in the Yolo county jail cell; instead I stood at the door within view of the booking officers, complaining & demanding release. They were fully aware of my innocence & the plot against me! Instead of releasing me, they usually laughed & sometimes prolonged the process, delaying my release, because I complained & pleaded for justice. (At least one of the Yolo sheriff's officers, deputy McMasters, did complain on my behalf). See Public Enemy #2 .

Cages with "standing room only" at E Street plaza in downtown Davis, same location as the Big "indiglo" clock (see below), demonstrating plot to jail me sitting or standing.

Cage with "standing room" only at Oak Tree Shopping Center in E. Davis; again, plot brainwashing the community to "go with the program" of hostage captivity

Front of Mondavi Center on UCD campus, with jail bar "covering" over the entrance. Constructed in 2003-2004, several mos. before I disappeared for 2 years (held hostage in jail) from false charges brought against me by UCD police & officials, several students, & Davis police.

Jail/prison Bars over entrance of Mondavi Center on UCD campus

City of Davis employee w/handcuffs, a clear intimidation tactic. As far as I know, the employee's name is Ike Nojoku.

Bed innuendo at entrance to Davis from I-80 signaling a "theme" for everyone to be "clued in" to

Marriage bed innuendo with death row implications located near main intersection of Fifth & G Sts.

Big clock-marriage bed theme, located in E St. Plaza. This was constructed in beginning of 2003; an attack of 7 kangaroo trials began simultaneously, resulting in 2-year unjust captivity

Chair in Hickey Gym conspicuously placed where I regularly change clothes to take a shower. See Aggie hoodlums below. Simultaneous to this "prop," several other locations where I usually go, chairs were conspicuously placed as well. It occurred simultaneous to me posting evidence incriminating on this site, & was accompanied with insinuating comments. Conspirators in this county have have been placed chairs conspicuously, which, combined with other unmistakeable inuendos, are veiled threats of a plot to send me to the electric chair. In the context of 2 year captivity with most of the community denying knowledge of the hate crimes & almost no one lifting a finger to prevent or halt it, or arrest the conspirators, & in the context of a publicly displayed I-beam gallows with a statue of a man caged in the base of the gallow, it isn't an option to ignore these threats.

Aggie hoodlums with black jackets & hoods overseeing the public swim program & one of the entrances to hickey Gym public showers where I often shower. But this is the third picture that I took of them with black hoods at the pool (like hoodlums, henchpeople, or the grim reaper); the other 2 shots somehow were deleted, & in the other pictures they had hidden their faces out of shame. In this picture they were ready for me, & it amounts to a staged "pose," with smiles, to create the impression for the internet that it's all just for fun. But make no mistake, my 2-year disappearance, held hostage when everyone knew I was innocent, was very real, as well as the conspiracy to keep me from renting & having a job, & conspiracy to end my life. & these are the people, along with many adults in the community, who are doing it. The law declares their acts to be terrorism & conspiracy, yet they try to brainwash people that they are just kidding. Shower windows "left open" for maximum "exposure;" you come into the shower area & suddenly notice there could be people looking at you through the window (male & female swimmers are right outside the window)! Their acts "for fun" have the direct result of hostage captivity, robbing me of work & residence, sabotaging my e mails & appellate briefs, & concocting plots to end my life. Rebuking them doesn't do any good, that's what they want; to force you to have to respond. They have learned that no one arrests them or punishes them, so they have become monsters. The acts in these picture, constitutes at minimum the crime of casing & stalking, but in the context of many people in the community participating, it becomes conspiracy. They commit discriminatory acts & plots, or acquiescence to those who commit them (wink & nod, code of silence, failure to arrest the conspirators).

Big "indiglo" clock located in E St. Plaza in downtown Davis; installed at end of 2003, putting everyone on notice to "go with the program" of the plot of 7 kangaroo trials & 2 years unjust captivity of me that began 2003-2004 (big clock was code for "big lock" or 2 yr unjust jail captivity). Further significance: The clock has an unmistakable "indiglo" lighting at night: Davis police custom of coercing local businesses to discriminate; one of the first businesses to call the police & threaten me with arrest for no reason (based on prejudicial custom) was Woodstock's Pizza in 1999. Dee was Woodstock's manager, & she & her discriminatory act became a symbol for other businesses in Davis committing hate crimes against me (convenient symbol; "Davis" starts with a "d"). The message of the big "in-Dee-glo" clock: Their corrupt "watch," signaled an attack that was the culmination of the hate crimes of Davis police, Dee, & the other establishments who had participated in the custom against me, resulting in my disappearance (held hostage) for 2 years.

One of the UC Davis ARC logos, a "sports figure" leaping (America Online "theme"), but it resembles the face of an angry Chinese It's called a conspiracy because it involves more than one person or group. Starting 2002-2003, a plot was hatched to rob me of my hard-won court victories (that had proven my innocence) & real estate victories. Some of my biggest victories were with Chinese, & so these were the focus of the attack: One of my biggest clients was a Chinese lady in town, who made an offer on a Bed & Breakfast. I also led a Chinese roommate, named Tony He, to receive Christ, & he began attending Davis Chinese Christian Church (DCCC). & when I lived on Alvarado, me & my Ag roommates had water fights with an Asian student named Tu & her Aggie roommates. In 2002-2003 a Yolobus driver said to some students getting on the bus at Anderson Rd. & Russell, near DCCC, "You're too [Tu] late," as in their efforts to stand up for my rights were too late to save me from the conspiracy. I was attending DCCC at that time; within 6 mos. or so an elder, with the pastor's knowledge, called the police & theatened me with arrest for no more than making a cordial comment to a female Chinese student during a church service (I was a perfect gentleman). Yolo d.a., Davis police, & Yolobus were now joined by UCD, DCCC, & others, using this incident to formulate a multi-pronged attack against me:
(1)They coerced my fellow Aggies to abandon me & betray me, telling them I was slated for destruction (the Ags had up to that point for the most part stood up for my rights);
(2)They created a nemesis, a Chinese Aggie named How (seeing themselves as an extension of the violating acts of Davis Chinese Christian Church; named from Howard Ln.), whereby Chinese & other Aggies began discriminating & harassing me, & in several instances committing false arrests/kidnappings, continuing recently with 3 from 2008-2009 (2 occurring in the ARC), & participating in 2 or more before that in 2004; conspiring to deny me a job & place to rent;
(3)UCD publications began marketing Chinese female student as the "every student;" programs began marketing Chinese as the premier Aggie students, brainwashing the Aggies that the acts of DCCC & the Chinese must be followed;
(4)Yolo d.a. Henderson assigned a new female Chinese deputy d.a., Tzang, to prosecute my cases; an expert at lying, deception, & malicious trials, Tzang, at Henderson's direction, architecting 6 kangaroo trials against me from 2004-2006, & she wrote, & Yolo judge White signed, unconst. banishment conditions of probation, illegally banishing me from 1000 acres of the area; this void order was then unjustly enforced by UCD police, resulting in 16 additional kidnappings of me from 2005-2006! This act of Yolo judge White also demonstrates the joining of 3 or more Yolo judges in the conspiracy as of 2003-2004
(5)Chinese deputy attorney general Winn robbed me of my real estate license through kangaroo court proceedings. While I plan on teaching for a living, if you let them take away a professional license for (false) accusations of pushing someone, you're shut down!

Prison-plot Testimony/Evidence in Woodland

Below are architectural designs of structures built within the last 5 years in Woodland, Ca., neighboring Davis. These buildings are replicas of prison guard towers. Many from the Woodland are have participated in the conspiracy to keep me from working, & they have also cased & stalked me. Nevertheless, the Woodland police recently have consistently stood up for my free speech evangelism rights in shopping centers & public forums. Pursuant to this fact, it seems the architecture was intended for a public testimony of the prison & death row plot against me in Davis, all for the terrible crime of leading people to Christ in shopping centers (where the majority of the kidnappings have occurred)! Be that as it may, Woodland is part of this community, & they have systematically participated in hate crimes against me; I can't condone evil & double-minded signals
Gibson Plaza in S. Woodland with guard tower architecture; the supermarket there called the police on me more than once, & the police are guilty of intimidating me on at least one of these occasions, but they ultimately told store officials I was within the law, & they refused to unjustly arrest me. Yolo County jail, where I was held hostage for 2 years (2004-2007) mostly from unconst. convictions for evangelism, is located almost directly across the street from Gibson Plaza

Gibson Plaza "Q" a design at the East entrance in the form of a "Q"; as in "Take your cue; they're dangerous; they're attempting to send him to prison & destroy him when all he's done is free speech in a public forum!"

County Fair Mall in Woodland recently added architectural "embellishments"; the mall is located down the street from Yolo County jail

New library in Woodland Community College, with a structure w/appearance like a guard tower ;

Facade "warning" intimidations & harassment obstacles

Cones on dry floors in local restaurants, marts, etc.; regularly placed in locations where I shop, attempting to brainwash people, warning that I'm dangerous & therefore deserve to be persecuted; a form of casing

In downtown Davis there are regularly signs in the middle of the sidewalk, blocking traffic, such as this .Vito's Pizza sign, & no one does anything about it; I have regularly moved the signs or tipped them over, & complained to the city manager. I have been marketing magnetic water conditioners door-to-door, & almost 25% of the homes have junk on the floors in their homes at the doorways! Shoes, toys, & other junk; they are too lazy to clean it up!

Example of harassment

I am in E St. Plaza in downtown sometimes during the day as "the town criar," & also in the eves., for public speaking, singing, & hanging out. Across the street, in full veiw of where I'm usually located, is a Mexican burrito restaurant. In 2003 they participated in the police harassment custom & willfully compromised their service to me one too many times, so I don't shop there anymore. But due to fact that I hang out nearby, some of the employees regularly wipe off the glass doors directly across from me, but they wipe, & wipe, & wipe, & with a waving motion, for several min., to make sure I notice, clearly taunting me, asserting that they are "inside" while I am "outside." But these are the very same ones who, along with the other conspirators, are causing me to have very few places to go to or do business with in town. They are committing felony conspiracies to deprive me of goods & services, employment, income, career, & justice, they make death threats, as well as taunting & stalking of me. Here's God's promises to me concerning them:
Is 41:9-13:
I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, 'You are my servant'; I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish. Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all. For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Approx. 3-4 mos. ago a foreman of Harrison Construction was coming by every morning at 5:30AM honking his horn repeatedly & shining a spotlight into the windows of my residence. The stalkers try to claim it's ok for him to harass me because I'm usually not up until 6AM (I get 6-7 hrs. of sleep every night; rarely more than that, & if I had more friends to hang out with, it would be less than that, often. Over & over again I have stayed up late, if not all night, when someone has the guts to actually hang out with me!) I got up & confronted him, & reported it to the Feds & Ca. Atty General, & it stopped for a while. But in the last few weeks he started coming by again, idling his truck outside my window; while he supposedly comes to open the gate of the nearby constuction site, he makes sure his truck lights are pointed into my windows, & he stays there far longer than necessary. I then took these pictures.

After I took these pictures, he left, once again honking his horn. Ford truck, Lic. plate # 8E46185. I have reported his harassing acts to the authorties. They don't have the guts to stand up for justice, & instead commit hate crimes to fit in with the local "powers-that-be"

Pursuant to their conspiracy, depriving me of a place to live & work (for 9 mos. I have been sign waving for a Sacramento company, making less than $300/mo.; I've been marketing magnetic water softeners for 7 mos. with 4 local sales, total profit of $600; total income <$400/mo. & I have been applying for jobs daily. I also have to pay for my legal battles out of this amnt). They then assert that because I have to use public rest rooms, I'm freeloading, & that justifies more discrimination from them, & I should instead give up & dumpster dive! A vicious cycle!

Color-coded clothing intimidation, Davis & Woodland, 25 Jan. 2009

THE "DRESS CODE" OF HARASSMENT & CASING OF ME IN DAVIS, & PARTS OF WOODLAND, PROVES THEY ALL KNOW ABOUT MY SUFFERING & THE VIOLATIONS OF MY RIGHTS, YET THEY FAIL TO HALT IT! Furthermore, if you ask them to stand up for your rights, many deny knowing anything about it! They cunningly attempt to dupe you into thinking they're kidding; but know this: If you don't refute them, they will consumate the terrorist plots, & they'll say they are justified because you didn't stop them!

Color-coded clothing motives
(1)From Sept. 2004 to Oct. 2007 (3 yrs) I was held hostage in the Yolo county jail for 2 years total & the Sacto jail almost 5 mos.; the officers in both jails had black uniforms. The local conspirators attempt to brainwash you: 'You were held captive by guards in for almost 3 years, & that's where you're going again.'
(2)They can't hide the truth! The citizens of this community knew I was innocent, & yet willfully allowed & participated in 7 kangaroo trials, followed by my disappearance & captivity for more than 2 years in jail. Their participation & refusal to intervene constitutes serious crimes. Add to that the daily casing, stalking, & conspiracies to prevent me from obtaining employment & residence, & you have prima facie terrorists. They know they are guilty; they can't hide the truth that they are criminals! Criminals & terrorists dress in black, wear hoods, & mask their faces, & that is precisely what these people are doing! Hundreds of people in the area wear black hoods all the time in all kinds of weather, & some of them haved dressed like terrorists regularly, wearing hoods & ski masks! It really is scary! They have come to the point where the only way they can continue with their terrorism is if they openly admit it, then if nobody arrests them they feel they are justified to continue

Color-coded clothing intimidation, Davis, 29 Jan. 2009

I took 8 pictures within a 15 min. period in Davis, on Rd 102 from Davis to Woodland, & in Woodland on Rd. 102 (where I sign wave). [NOTE: Website storage constraints; some of the pictures no longer included to make room for higher priority pictures.]
While sign waving, they ride by me or jog past me in black clothing at a rate of 2 dozen or more each day while I am sign waving (90% of the people who go by me in that location are wearing black, & virtually all of the cyclists).


Sign waver for KB Homes wearing black jacket at corner of 102 & Heritage Blvd. in Woodland

At the other end of Spring Lake development (where I sign wave), a "cement" matress located in a field at the entrance to the development. The conspiracy to keep me from renting (& owning) a residence is common knowledge in Davis/Woodland area; the implication is that the "benevolent" provision of an 8 hr/wk job (sign waving) is only meant to perpetuate my oppression, & nothing more. I am welcome to be oppressed & destitute in Woodland, as well as in Davis! Note also the Coldwell Banker RE sign. This broker is one of the original instigators of the conspiracy; he attempted to keep me from working in Yolo county in 1998-2004. He has participated in, & originally instigated, much of the hate crimes

Robbers/terrorists/grim reapers

Landscapers in the Davis area, mostly Mexicans, half of them wear black jackets & hoods on a daily basis, in hot & cold weather! This terrorist's picture was taken in July 2009! Yet another oppressor in Shields Library at UCD. They case & stalk me on a daily basis, & they can't hide the fact that they are wicked criminals!

People wearing black hoods indoors in UCD library; summer, winter, irrelevant. They also add to their repertoire wear black masks & gloves

Black jackets with hoods, despite being "indoors" on Yolobus, going from Davis to Woodland

Color-coded clothing, Davis, 26 Jan. 2009

Below are pictures of people in Davis in the downtown & East Davis area to demonstrate there is a conspiracy, a code of silence, & systematic casing & stalking of me. The systematic dress code of black clothing to intimidate me is actually minimal compared to some of the threats & hate crimes: The community-wide conspiracy has prevented me from obtaining work, prevented me from renting a place, & they have a plot to send me to death row. Many pictures deleted due to space limitations.

People wearing black in Davis post office located at Fifth & Pole Line; notice they are almost all wearing black

People shopping at the Davis Commons ; almost all of them wearing black

Female joggers in black at intersection of First & E Sts. in Davis

Subtle plot at the direction/participation of several local merchants
Several local merchants directing citizens on how to get rid of me if I refused to leave the area: Names including phonemes such as 'beast' & 'row,' & 'rape,' the plot becomes manifest. Note also that the places listed below are all located within 1/4 mi. or each other, in downtown Davis:

Thai Bistro previously a French Bistro restaurant innocently named. This restaurant, via inheritance of the name may not be party to the plot, except that the owner once told me I had to leave for no reason (rude)

Indyna Bistro, located in Mansion Square on Third & E Sts. (closed down almost instantly when I made these assertions at town council meeting)

Uni Crepe House on E St. opened recently with the communique of how to do it

Crepeville, located at Third & C Sts.; although I had done a lot of business with them, & brought friends who also bought meals, etc., for no reason at all the owner (who recently also opened Burgers n Brew) in 2002 flagged the police down & told them he didn't want me in his place. It was leave or jail

Bistro 33 on Third St.; chef & waitress of Cafe Bernardo's located nearby (same owner) for no reason threatened me approx. a year ago

When I started shopping at Fuzio's, in Davis Commons, they simultaneously changed their receipts from "Fuzio's Cafe" to "Fuzio's Bistro," asserting that "resistance to the plot is futile"

Zen Toro, located at Third & E Sts. A female touching up the Zen Toro sign; because I have been betrayed so much I am including it on my web site. This is the only "row" phoneme cafe/restaurant that I didn't include on my "Picture Proof" page; Zen Toro was left off my web site deliberately, & couple of mos. ago a female made the comment "We have Toro" ("We have to 'row'"); with the casing, stalking, threats, & willful neglect of ordinary care & protection, there is no leeway for any benefit of the doubt with such comments, especially when spoken using their codes out of context & without elaboration. With many of these monsters, if you attempt to trust them or give them the benefit of the doubt, they have no choice but to attempt to destroy you, because exhibiting any trust in them them means you had no choice but to trust them, therefore you are "needy" & you must die for being in such a condition. Nevermind that trust is a basic element of any civilized society, & trusting others has nothing to do with being "needy;" & also, if a person was needy, since when is that deserving of death row?