One of the biggest kingpins of the rebellion in No. Ca. is Doug Arnold, Coldwell Banker RE; true to their name, they are in fact cold & calculated, & they figure they can take that corrupt philosophy to the bank. Because I was temporarily in RE & trying to get by & was a very busy agent, Arnold joined the corrupt Davis churches & Davis police, trying to run me into the gutter. In Dec. 1999 I defeated him & 4 other RE brokers in a jury trial, acquitted of 15 out of 15 counts of false accusations. As of 2000 one of his agents, Andrew Skaggs, came up with a website, yourhomest.com, which was a subtle threat that they were going to do everything they could to keep me in the streets as far as making a living. Coldwell Banker subsequently upped the stakes, advertising that it meant "Your home state," which was yet another Davis plot to falsely accuse me & send me to death row ("state" was code for state prison). At that point (1999-2000), most of the Davis citizens hadn't given themselves over to corruption, & some of them didn't like the idea of an oppressive conspiracy literally advertised publicly, as though they were all eager to be thugs. Supposedly under pressure, Coldwell Banker responded with an ad, "Local Questions...Local Answers!" As though the "state" reference was a matter of scope of doing business, rather than a sinister plot. But soon after that, Gov. Gray Davis was ousted from office by Arnold Schwarzeneggar, & with the name association, it seemed to be almost an official endorsement of Doug Arnold - as though he was sovereign & could do no wrong. With the appearance of gov't endorsement, Doug Arnold was emboldened to strive for more corruption & control. Arnold & coconspirators in Davis, including some of the churches, unwilling to repent of their conspiracies to try to hold me hostage in prison & end my life, began plotting a more widespread conspiracy involving the surrounding counties, & ultimately California & the nation. Additionally, notwithstanding possible alternate original motives of an out-of-the-area firm, statewide Coldwell Banker Corp. (with whom Doug Arnold was affiliated with through franchise), launched the website californiamoves.com, & there can be no denying the implications of it, demonstrating the Davis conspirators' plan of attack - pressuring California citizens to capitulate to corruption & conspiracy. People had heard of me far & wide by the end of 1999, so as of this point, 2003, everyone was aware of the plots in Davis to get rid of me, including the death threats & prison captivity plots. In addition, as of this point, there were some "important people" in addition to Arnold who were in trouble because of their persecution of me & vehement attempts to get rid of me - plots that I had defeated & exposed publicly - Yolo district attorney Henderson, the Davis police, at least one of the mayors, & others. The tactics involve pressuring California to "move" - become corrupt - compromising the integrity of California citizens for the sake of big business & some important people, going along with, or at least turning a blind eye to, the conspiracy of bringing about the demise of an "unimportant" Californian, a Christian who was struggling anyway, & relinquishing the leadership role of California as far as free speech & civil rights. My victories for freedom of speech rights in courts of law had gained a lot of recognition, & had become somewhat of a "force to be reckoned with," a reaffirming of Ca.'s values. In approx. 2007 God gave me a vision of dozens, if not hundreds of regional businesses that had signed a pact with Arnold to deny me work. While in a city council meeting in approx. 2008, God gave me a vision that leaders & others from both Sacramento & Solano had made conspiratorial agreements with the Davis mayor & city council.

They masterminded a plot to lure & pressure the entire state to become corrupt & ruined, with serious enough consequences that the Feds have declared it to be a rebellion against the United States.

They picked the wrong state to tangle with! Ca. must man justice for the nation, for rock & rollers, & for whoever might want to enjoy fellowship in church, stand & deliver as a teacher or be employed in any other occupation, & enjoy the American Way!