Jesus is descended from Perez, which means 'explosive!' - Jesus is DYNAMITE!

There's no need for hundreds of thousands, or millions, to resist, protest, fight against the corrupt churches & establishment, suffering unjust jailings & other persecutions, such as loss of possessions or loss of life; my sufferings have already accomplished it - 111 unjust seizures & kidnappings, years of conspired captivity, years of slavery, hatecrimes, & denial of career
THE GOV'T HAS SAID THAT IS SUFFICIENT & THE MARINES ARE AT OUR COMMAND. Other than a concentrated invasion of Davis (which may be a matter of showing up for the battle, & then the Marines drop the bomb anyway) the United States military is willing to carry out the operation nation-wide

This is what I've received from Christ as well - the victory is ours already. Call the Marines & tell them who to attack! Wise up - rise up - from a position of power, rather than flailing around to get the attention of supposed leaders & being hauled away from messy demonstrations. We don't have to repeat what myself & others have already accomplished. Use your heads, rise up with the Marines going before you. Others have plowed, seeds have been sown (Is 28:23-26, Ecc 3:8); don't keep plowing, reap the harvest. The demonstrations & the lobbying is accomplished - as empowered victors, vanquish the rebels. Stockton has the ball rolling, but use your heads - ugly demonstrations are a thing of the past when you've already got the gov't committed to fight for you - & they said it is war - that was their words, baby! An example of the rebels' pinpointed attempts to flex their muscle: God gave me several visions that Oakland is willing to do battle, & now 2 of their sports teams are being taken away - they are being tested (the delays of them & others may also have been a factor).

As far as cities surrounding Davis, stalling only increases the corruption, causing them literally to be sucked into Davis' vortex of evil. Alternate strategies for punishing them include massive arrests & marshal law. Also, in this context, anyone coming to Davis in recent years, under guise of opening shops, homeless, etc., & acting as supposed watchdogs, participating in stalking me & threatening me, they are not to be allowed to escape - they are to be punished more vehemently than anyone else for volunteering after the fact to be traitors.


Prophesied in the Old Testament, the "breaker" who breaks though the wall or bursts through the gate so that the people of God can stampede through, with the Lord God, their King, leading them. The prophesy is interpreted as Elijah (he prayed, & rain broke forth after a long drought, 1 Kings 18:41-19:8 - Elijah is the original paradeisonaut), & then fulfilled again with John the Baptist leading the people to break forth, or press in on Jesus; & Jesus himself is the "breaker" - God & King leading the people to break forth, or forcefully advance - multitudes pressing in on the Kingdom of God to be saved:

"…The breaker goes up before them;
"They break out, pass through the gate and go out by it.
"So their king goes on before them,
"And the LORD at their head,”
Micah 2:12,13

"The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing,
"& forceful men lay hold of it,"
Matt. 11:12

See Gen. 38:29; when Perez is born (son of Judah, the tribe of Israel from which Jesus is descended), he "breaks out" before his twin brother, & is named Perez, which is Hebrew for 'explode,' or 'break out' - the same word as the Greek in Matt. 11:12, which is translated 'forcefully' or 'violently,' or 'explosively.' In other words, the Good News of the gospel explosively breaks through like a stampede!

For the sake of justice & patriotism, we must EXPLODE FOR GOD - BREAK OUT & STAMPEDE AGAINST THE REBELLION!