Justice Now


The following is the gist of a complaint I sent to the Feds on 13 July 2016:


There isn't some indispensable magic formula involving appearing before leaders in person before you can obtain justice. If you are being attacked or oppressed, you call the police. If they were to insist you come to the station in person & request them to halt a crime, a lot more criminals would go free & there'd be many more victims, & a lot more injustice. If a fort or a town in the Old West was being attacked by a band of outlaws, & you sent a telegraph requesting the US Marhal & the cavalry, if they communicated back to you that they wanted you to travel that great distance & ask them in person, everything could be lost by the time that occurred. Also, there's what's known as salt in the Bible; when Paul was deliberately burned by the region's leaders, & he was being released, he demanded they come to him, in person, to escort him out, because he had disappeared in jail, abused & without a trail, & they owed him an at least apology & gestures of amends (Acts 16). I disappeared for 101 days in Solano jail - this was yet another hostage captivity as recently as 2014; no trail, & the gov't knew all about it from the beginning - knew in advance it was going to happen, & some of them from Washington may have been directly involved in it. THE IRANIAN HOSTAGE CAPTIVITY IN THE 1970'S WAS COMPARABLE LENGTH OF TIME AS THESE CAPTIVITIES, & YET THESE TERRORIST ACTS HAVE CONTINUED AS RECENTLY AS 2014, WITH SIMILAR TERRORIST ACTS OCCURRING AS WE SPEAK! I disappeared in jail for 2 1/2 years in 2004-2007, & it was demonstrated to be a conspiracy involving leaders in Washington DC - simultaneous acquisition of the Montreal Expos by Washington DC, becoming the Senators, while my sufferings were kept hush-hush; I was on trial, yet no one exposed it, & 2 1/2 years captivity resulted, while the gov't mocked me. I've reported to the Feds (FBI, Senator Garamendi, Obama, Ca. Atty General, Pentagon, & Marines) evidence that Obama started his presidency in 2009 with codes in the oval office, & when I went to see him in San Jose in 2010, I was frisked by his personal secret service agents for no reason while standing on a sidewalk near the hotel where he was staying. While I don't condone the systematic denials of tips for singing in surrounding cities in No. Ca., in context moreover of conspired denials of employment, it may be an indicator from God not to try to sing for tips to try to make my way across the country - it was our nation's leaders' duty to provide me justice years ago, & as Paul in the Bible, I have the right to demand justice at once, & they should've come to me. & moreover, to acquiesce to a requisite of leaders that I come to them in person in emergency conditions sends the wrong message - that I'm clueless & that they can set dangerous nonsense criteria before halting a nation-wide rebellion. As additional proof of the folly of an "in person" request, (1)I'm not the only victim; the rock & rollers are fellow victims, & while I don't refer to them as Christians (until they profess Christ before men, which is biblical), no one can deny that they have been battling for their rights of freedom of worship, & many of them have personally gone to the Feds in many instances in the past, including leaders in Wash. DC; therefore victims of this same conspiracy & rebellion have already gone to Washington, if they wanted to hem & haw about being lobbied in person (a tradition rendered nearly obsolete with modern communications, & is inapplicable when the rebellion is self-manifesting, to the extent of being a national crisis); (2)God has allowed proof of the rebellion to be literally in their faces, with 75% of Wash. DC population wearing black clothing as of recently, & for many years as of this point, radio & TV announcers & national brand products publicly broadcasting conspiracies in front of the whole world! RECENTLY, AN EPIDEMIC OF MASS SHOOTINGS BY PSYCHOPATHS, ALONG WITH NEEDLESS SHOOTINGS OF PEOPLE BY POLICE OCCURRING, DEMONSTRATING THE CORRUPTION. (3)When I have gone to leaders, it's resulted in more oppression - kidnapped from Yolo sheriff Prieto's office lobby; police called when I went to see Senator Boxer; disappeared for 94 days when I went to see gov. Schwarzeneggar. I may save up & take a plane to Wash DC nevertheless, if nothing else, to personally meet people in Washington (members of the public, if nothing else), as a wake up call. I'll probably decidedly downplay any efforts at trying to get the attention of any leaders at Capitol Hill, & definitely won't be making any efforts at contacting Obama. A trip to Washington in & of itself could be playing into their hand.