Gov't Plot

Justice Power O'Rama


[The following is transcripts from AFFIDAVIT e mailed to 5 Fed. agencies on 10 April 2017:]


I lobbied, called, called, called, called, called, diligently persuaded, demanded, argued, endured unjust jailings & kidnappings, fought court battles, appealed, & worked hard to overcome obstacles to having a job & to restore my rights, all of which had been robbed from me by UCC, Doug Arnold, Davis police, & others. I overcame the obstacles of damaged reputation, oppression disguised as competition, facades empowering kidnap, etc., so that I could be employed & have my good name; upon accomplishing this, instead of standing with me, Sac betrayed me, placing bullet proof glass in lobby of CTC, & covering up my accomplishments & in fact doubling the oppression by creating diversions such as claiming I had a bad reputation with youth in the past, as well as inventing facades that I had failed to pay bills, & therefore was a bad character. The oppression of Sac essentially acted to negate years & years of battling that restored reputation, by creating diversions; in 2004 in a court hearing to obtain my professional license, an Admin. Law Judge said to me, "Mr. Sherman, you need to use the word 'conspiracy,'" referring to the oppression occurring against me - giving me a wake up call as to the widespread seriousness of it. Simultaneous to this, the rebels have been attempting to demand I show & demonstrate my past accomplishments by coming in person to locations involving interviews, applications, etc., & throw my weight around, lobby, etc., the way I used to, or else I'm admitting I've lost ground & fallen short. BUT WHEN THE ROBBING OF YOUR RIGHTS INVOLVES WIDESPREAD CONSPIRACIES & REBELLION, YOU DON'T GO AROUND TRYING TO PROVE YOURSELF TO THE VERY CONSPIRATORS & REBELS THAT ARE COVERING UP & NEGATING THE FACTS, YOU INSTEAD BRING INVASION & WIPE THEM OUT! With lies & smears of your reputation essentially doubled, & people regionally conspiring to automatically deny you your rights, all this from Sac, & UCD students spreading this cover-up & wicked facades that I'm dangerous (bullet proof glass, etc.) rather than protecting my rights, this aggravated the rebellion & conspiracies, so that it is occurring in entire No. Ca. region. In the face of my heroics in battling against, & defeating, many corrupt leaders, the fact is there should be a lot of school districts offering me teacher positions sight unseen - handing it to me on a platter; instead, I'm denied teacher positions, & 90% there are codes occurring on the phone before I so much as arrive at the interview. Moreover, when I go to the interviews, they are consistently predisposed to denying any rebellion, & feigning ignorance about the rebellion, & acting like they've never heard of me, & there are many more people they have to interview, & then they will make a decision; & usually there are codes & stalkings at the interview as well. In this context, I had an interview with Alpha Public Schools in San Jose [telephone interview, 4/10], without an in person interview yet scheduled; nevertheless, my SUV truck doors remotely locked with me on inside Sun. afternoon after work (5:53 PM), & the only pkg spot available in entire downtown was on 4th near F, behind a wh car with "BOLT EV" & San Jose plates (7WHS161); i.e., with phone interview scheduled this AM, I was supposed to go in person or suffer the consequences. Last night, the consequences began: 4/9, approx. 10 PM (strangely all this is missing from my notes), AM 1380, male d.j. sounding like the cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz, talking about Is. 27 & Jer. 49, about what he was claiming was fulfilled Bible prophecy about Syria, including Damascus, the oldest continuously occupied city in history; it's a hostage plot based on claim once again that I'm not showing up in person & yelling enough at these places where it's an obvious trap, due to codes & conspiracies creating façade that they haven't heard of me, & it's based on claim I haven't yelled at & damned (biblically speaking) the Federal gov't enough, therefore they can punish me by creating facades about Bible verses. Trump ordered Navy to attack enemy locations in Syria that had participated in chemical warfare, which is considered inhumane. 4/9, Navy commercial, "the Navy is there..." this phrase repeated over & over again; i.e., available when you need them, but it stressed the use of 'there' which is (also) a death row code. The news presentation was tailor made to create façade against either Davis or me, but it was more slanted toward attempting to implicate me. Jer. 49:23-27; "Concerning Damascus: “Hamath and Arpad are dismayed, for they have heard bad news. They are disheartened, troubled like[d] the restless sea. 24 Damascus has become feeble, she has turned to flee and panic has gripped her; anguish and pain have seized her, pain like that of a woman in labor. 25 Why has the city of renown not been abandoned, the town in which I delight? 26 Surely, her young men will fall in the streets; all her soldiers will be silenced in that day,” declares the Lord Almighty. 27 “I will set fire to the walls of Damascus; it will consume the fortresses of Ben-Hadad.” Damascus is the capital of Syria, & he was emphasizing Hamath & Arpad (regions also located in Syria); & saying "they are ashamed," instead of "dismayed" or "confounded" like most versions (not the same thing as "ashamed"). Since my nickname is Hey, it's evident it could (& probably was) used as a coded smear against me, especially since I'm relegated to a "pad" in the back of an SUV (it could also be a coded reference to Davis - 'do the math, I'm Hey [& should be treated as such],' & "our pad" as in their crime of relegating me to a pad by means of conspiracy). They're trying to force me to retract my assertions about Trump, similar to the futility of patching up a crumbling ice chest (which my boss had insisted that I do at work Sun. afternoon, with accompanying codes). Later that afternoon, "We went there froze him," bug code, approx. 4 PM, DB&D. I don't identify with the bug codes, but I "went there" as far as reporting to the Feds that it seemed to me that one of the reasons Trump hadn't invaded was he wanted me to prove to him that I really want to be a teacher (& God warned me that should be irrelevant - despite I am planning on teaching, their folly of chastizing me for temporarily being in sales (as opposed to academics) has become evident to all, resulting in the rebellion. It's already been taken it to it's logical conclusion many times; they commit crimes of stalking & conspiracy for any act I perform that looks like sales; for ex., they commit crimes of stalking & conspiracy if I simply perform an ordinary employment task similar to asking someone if they want to "supersize" their meal (technically known as "upselling" at the register; their response, "You heard that! That's sales! The victim knows he can't be doing that...[then to me,] That was sales - you won't be here anymore," & then conspiracy to eliminate my job. "Wisdom is vindicated by her children" Jesus said; i.e., if someone acted wisely, the results (their future conduct, etc.) will demonstrate it; if someone acted unwisely, the results (their future conduct, etc.) will demonstrate it as well; the results of my conduct of trying to get by in sales temporarily has resulted in a law abiding leader; those who claimed I was irresponsible, & a bad example, & a criminal, for simply being in sales temporarily, their corrupt & oppressive claims & facades have become full-blown conspiracies & rebellion. In this context, despite the prima facie proof of who was right & who was wrong, the gov't continues to perpetuate the darkness to attempt to dupe me & deceive me that I fell short, because I'm not yelling enough. The Bible says yelling at the wicked only invites more trouble (Prov. 9:7-9). NRSV v. 23, "...they are troubled like the sea[g] that cannot be quiet," but the d.j. was saying, "They are troubled by the sea; it cannot be quiet;" creating façade that I heard bad news, am ashamed, & I'm being too quiet (not yelling enough), like the cowardly lion in Wizard of Oz, but the Bible v. had to have pinpoint changes to convey that. It's possible that this "presentation" was aimed at the corrupt Davis rebels, but the names seemed to be attempts to construe that I had failed. Context was an attack of Syria by Trump combined with that he has failed to intervene on my behalf, & one or more codes pertaining to me spoken by him before the election, & some subsequent. Haman in the Bible plotted to kill the king of Persia, but the king's wife, a Jew, had a brother named Mordecai who overheard the plot, & reported it to the king, & Haman was hung from a pole for it. Obviously, I do more "dicking around" before I associate a name with "Hey" simply because it sounds similar, & that includes the name Hamath. But it seemed like a fine tuned presentation of the Bible to instigate trouble for me, with claim it was prophesied. But is what I'm claiming is it appears to be an assertion that the gov't is coming for me, & [that] it's biblically based, because I didn't yell at them. [Don't doubt it - it happened during Obama's presidency - they orchestrate it through local/regional jails & courts]

[End of transcripts]