[The following is transcript from report to 5 gov't agencies, sent on 7 Nov. 2017:]


11/5, approx. 3 AM, vision that it was urgent that I lie on my stomach, because people were being harmed; I was on my side, so I turned onto my stomach. I've reported God leading me to strictly lie on my stomach as testimony I've been placed in a position by gov't & others where I'm as good as dead, with chalk traced around my body - that could come from physical attack, spiritually deceived, due to isolation, suicide, etc. In the last [1 to] 2 years, I believe God has led me I could lie on my side more if I wanted, but continue with my protest & warning. While in IHOP the night before, I had been reading about Mother Teresa, but hadn't been led to place any more callings (in general). 'Teresa' sounds like 'trace;' there are monsters illegally eavesdropping - invasion of privacy to the nth degree - watching my every move, including if I'm on my side or stomach; it's the m.o. of the rebels, out of desperation to misconstrue my every move as though I have some secret motive of letting the wicked go free; i.e., if I'm not on my stomach, I must be trying to devil the "little killers" into society. There's enough of the monsters who magically have access to every detail of my private life, seeing everything I see, at all times day & night, that there's no doubt that Devon Kelley probably had several sources informing him of my every move. I already reported, last week, a bug code, fem saying, "You're gonna have your terror," & the next day, NY attack.

[End of transcript]

[The following also has been reported to Feds as of 7 Nov. 2017:]

I was in front of Walmart in Dixon (near Davis) public speaking on 11/4, & then I went inside to buy some power steering fluid. Suddenly I was confronted by a white Dixon police officer who claimed he had never heard of me & wanted me to turn around so that he could search me, & then I had to leave without my purchase or I was going to jail. Sgt. Giovanetti was trying to create an image of an abusive "good 'ol boys" officer from the South, including accent, boasting & threatening; "Are you running for president?" (which I'm not), "Then why would I have heard of you?" He handcuffed me in the store to make sure I'd leave, then held me hostage for 10-15 min. in squad car until they could verbally serve me a restraining order from Panera coffee in Davis that had supposedly been issued by Yolo court, but not yet served on me (headquarters, St. Louis, Mo.); then they drove me to my truck in the parking lot. While removing the hand cuffs at my truck, my right pointer finger somehow touched his belt about 4 times. In 2006 when I was hostage in jail, Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries (Atlanta) was on TV, & said, "Now watch this," & he placed his hands behind his back, as though hand cuffed, with Bible in his hands. I took that as a good sign that they were acknowledging I was hostage for being a faithful Christian, & that they were going to bring it to a halt. But they never came, 11 years later. The orchestrating of me touching the officer's belt may have been an assertion that I'm arresting the churches from the South, which (no longer deservedly) was known as the Bible belt. Giovanetti made at least 2 coded comments; "...& then you'll be on your way, Uber," & a comment to the other officer, Malone (black, who didn't intervene), "We need he lost it," i.e., the plot is I "lose it" & I lash out & attack someone, & it's conspired to up it to felony battery, & I disappear in prison. There's no counting on the Feds to intervene & prevent it based on my oppressors being guilty of rebellion & insurrection - similar captivities have already occurred. I don't criticize anyone working for Uber, but a lot of them live in their cars - the plot was that, instead of intervening on my behalf, the region was trying to force me to get out of Davis, never rising to a higher condition than living in a vehicle, but the object is I'm moved further & further away from Davis (living in a car in SF). But notice Uber sounds like Guber, as in Gomer Pyle's brother from Andy Griffith Show (N. C.); also, Walmart headquarters is in Ark.

[The following is excerpts from reports made to the gov't:]

2/4, 8:30 PM, approx., code from outside DB&D [my place of employment] "He's been taking 6," & immediately Julius said to Tom on phone, "We've been taking 6." [..] male, former emply of DB&D, currently resident in Redwood City, blk pnts, gray shrt, [came by], 10:45 PM, "You didn't take us," code; 10:50, "Gaspen," code to Julius; I reported the car that acted like it was making a L turn onto Pendegast in Wdld recently, but kept going straight on East St. ('penned [in prison, & everyone's] aghast;'); & "Cotton won," while he made a repeated jacking off gesture (coded claim people in bay area are placing cotton in their ears (i.e., no one's paying any attention to my demands in the bay area, supposedly); [...street] in Wdld, Cottonwood. [...] male, gray shrt (from Redwood city), to Julius (but code referring to me), "We need you over there...& you're not there;" i.e., they "needed" me to come & drive Uber & tell them to come & stampede [they don't need me to hold their hand - I'm the victim]. Subsequently, while talking about jobs & schedules, he used a pronunciation like someone from prison (actually it's similar to New Jersey speakers, but for some reason, that accent has come to signify a hardened criminal [they're probably jealous of the Boardwalk], such as a "boid" instead of a "bird," & he made a similar pronunciation; (also, like former [Davis] mayor Suzie Boyd [& while I was attending UCD, a student who was member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship I belonged to was named Suzie Boyd] it became evident that he [was talking with...accent of] Japanese American (possibly trying to role play [...], although that's one of the plots of rebels, is to try to dupe me that someone has betrayed me. nevertheless, I've reported that my retainer (clear plastic) was stolen with a box of toiletries when I was moving out of Viking apts [where I was roommates with UCD students, all of whom were also in InterVarsity &/or University Covenant Church, which was one of the instigators of the rebellion], & back to Lodi in 1991 [after I graduated], & how Stephen Curry [Warriors] has been flaunting an identical retainer (mouth guard), & at Superbowl LI, Tom Brady's jersey was stolen, in similar manner to the disappearance of my retainer [possibly a warning to him to speak out on my behalf]. [jersey stolen - New Jersey accent - mayor Boyd - UCD student Boyd & UCC - retainer stolen]. Then he said, "I feel like [...we] had this conversation before" (to Julius); "...right now...tonight! About 1 or 2 days ago; like de ja vou." It was one day later Brady's jersey was stolen.


Prov. 7:24, "A fool's eyes wander to the ends of the earth, but the discerning keep wisdom in view;" i.e., UCD students, Davis churches, etc., are committing the acts of oppression, while claiming it's people from other places far away who are doing it & have to be tracked [& therefore they have to continue to oppress me under guise of investigating it]; but those oppressing me are those oppressing me - the locals. If it's a large enough crowd, they can tempt people from far away to join them, but if they weren't rebels, those far away wouldn't be tempted. Yolobus false battery charge in 2003 was an intricate set-up to involve blacks from far away; possibly it involved plants who were aware of rock & rollers' strategy to lead the country to elect a black president, but it nevertheless involved & centered around locals eagerly participating. As testified, the same driver, Shinn, was involved in a false arrest one mo. prior, but I had witnesses, & it was dropped. But the one where they prosecuted, it was orchestrated to involve a blk male as a witness & participant on their behalf. It was arranged to show (1)Davis & Yolo, & (2)future black leaders, such as a hypothetical president, that all those false arrests & kidnappings of Davis police & invidious discrimination prosecutions of Yolo d.a., all those - dozens & dozens - could be whitewashed - played back & covered up, quite easily with the help of the entire population. Yolobus rte. 42, 2003, & ensuing kangaroo trial, "proved" it could be done, with the same bus driver, & Woodland police at same location, doing the same thing twice within a one mo. period, & getting away with it, despite it was already proven they were committing crimes against me. This became the "guide" for Davis & Yolo to bring about my disappearance from 2004-2007, hostage in yolo jail & Sac jail for 2 1/2 years - & - IT WAS ORCHESTRATED USING A BLACK MALE AS ONE OF THE PREDOMINENT FIGURES. It was crimes committed by Davis & Woodland - locally, but, it was used to instigate a national black leader to participate; all because instead of trying to halt the oppression against me, the locals were spreading it more & more to cover it up, & eliminate any & all hope that I might obtain justice. Following the 2003 attack against me, Yolobus has made huge efforts - putting on an orchestrated act - to downplay their participation, & in fact attempting to create a scenario where it almost appears they are subtly creating an example of a penitent government agency that is an example of refraining from oppressing me - as though showing everyone what could've been: Other than rare instances of altercations between me & drivers that somehow fizzle before getting anywhere, & other than occasional codes, little or no police involvement for years & years, from approx. 2005 to present. But in actuality, it isn't Yolobus subtly repenting & then doubling back & providing a long range witness for me, it's Yolobus subtly trying to steal a key role of literally training everyone as far as cover-ups (exponentially multiplying the oppression against me), then laying low for years & years, trying to play the innocent type, luring me to name them as a good example, despite they are some of the kingpins! Before the 2003 incident, a movie scene advertised on TV, one of the characters, "I have the bus! Everybody get left!" & everyone on the bus leaned to the left side while an out of control bus careened.