Caper - Nicked 'Em


[The following are from Affidavit reports sent to gov't agencies on 9/28/2017. It consists of evidence & conjectures - what I believe the evidence points to]


Collin Capernick's gestures of protest are a subtle form of a marriage proposal - "It's a deal! Everybody keeps quiet, with plots to end Joe Sherman's life progress daily" is the message; instead they should have some guts & use their positions in the spotlight to expose the rebellion!]
9/26[/2017] Jacksonville Jaguars news photo on, line-up of football players protesting Trump & or kaos in US, is playback or role play of a photo of members of Bush admin. while he was in office as president; the photo of Chertoff (2008 or so?) was a line-up of admin., including Bush, possibly, with Chertoff leaning forward slightly & glaring directly at camera; 'cher' & it's pronunciation, was a code as of this point; 'chair tough' & alternately, 'shirt off' implication combined (although phonetically, it was 'chair...'); the implication at the time was that the Feds, incl. Bush, were haunting & making veiled threats against me - '[the mayor (] chair[) of Davis is] tough/ [you'd better be exercising with] shirt off' [or it's electric] chair - tough [luck].' The 9/26 photo (possibly at game over the weekend), several of the black players are attempting to recreate that scene; it isn't a pair of them (as in '2' or 'T-ooo' as in a 'T' as far as threats, it's a 'T' as far as a 'T' with any threats - there's 2 sets of 2 of them leaning forward slightly & glaring; i.e., subtle claim that they aren't going separate ways as far as death row plots - it is an option, if the victim doesn't comply with the blacks' manifest entitlement to Joe Sherman as their slave (since the whole country is allowing it)...

9/27, I called Feds (USDOJ) at approx. 1;40 PM reporting the dual 2 blk 'chertoff' electric chair glare conspiracy (I also e mailed a report) - [(] Jacksonville Jaguars players lined up protesting anthem, 2 pairs of players leaning over & glaring at camera, same as Chertoff did during Bush admin. ([Davis] chair [(mayor) is] tough,' [because it's electric] chair [&] tough [luck] or [exercising like crazy with your] shirt off.' Additional facts: [...For several years I had] a link to a picture on my War page with 2 blk boys looking up (bb players); no 'T-ooo' code (I don't use codes); the implication was only that 2 boys looking up is better than one. But it became a 'T-ooo' code & was used by blks, as reported. I left post office, & when I arrived at intersection of Pole Line & 8th, & in front of me was a car with 'Galpin' lic plts; & at intersection, 2 blk boys waiting to cross, one blk shrt one maroon. At Groc. Outl pkg lot, [...] before I left, a car located next to mine, lic pl 3BOYKIN, 2:08 PM. Also, male choir director at First So. Baptist Church in 1989 (now Pole Line Rd. Baptist - one of the conspiracy churches), located at 8th & Pole Line, moved to Ariz. due to allergies, name was Gilpin.
[ADDITIONAL CONJECTURE: UCD recently hired a black chancellor; God told me last year, lose the university - they're trouble. In a rare instance where I went on campus, April of this year, I was kidnapped under guise of arrest (charge was dropped by d.a.). They are desperate to force me back onto campus to subject me to more kidnappings. Evidence this is nation-wide:Jacksonville Jaguars; 'J' is code for jail; 'ag' - UCD Ags; & phoneme, 'wire;' claim they are "just under the wire" continuing to kidnap me under guise of arrest, if it occurs on campus - & with a black chancellor, it's blacks effectively reigning over their personal slave.]

Ad in 9/28 issue of SN&R, p 21, Ecowas International Restaurant, "Authentic African Cuisine," & I happened to notice the meat & rice dish looked like a sheep with wool, wearing an oven mitt, & holding a loaf of bread. My job at Davis Bread & Desserts ended when I called police on blk male emply named Julius in May of this year, who was conspiring with Tom, the owner, & the threats & conspiracies were systematic enough to be effectively drawing a line to call police. I had already consistently reported plots of owner & all employees to Feds; Julius (from Sacramento) had made gestures daring me to attempt to arrest him. The picture included in the ad wasn't available on SN&R's website, & in fact where it should've been, instead there was a "sweet" message. This same weekend (as the ad in SN&R - Sacramento News & Review), there was a restraining order hearing (supposedly Yolo court now has hearings on Sat.'s); they obtained a TRO against me claiming I was disrupting, because I was telling other customers to stop stalking me. The majority of Panera managers & employees, as far as I know, are from Sac. I considered appearing if nothing else, to argue to refuse the 100 yrd. distance from Panera, because that blocks out a huge section of downtown (there was 0% chance the judge would decide in my favor as far as denying the order overall); after a dream, I avoided the hearing. Panera cafe's logo is a fem. holding a loaf of bread close to her - like a baby - the same as the picture of the meal in the Ecowas ad. In other words, Sacramento rebels conspired to ban me from a cafe, &, for the last 6 years, instead of hiring me despite thousands of job applications, mostly for Teacher positions, they not only conspiratorially denied me work, when I was finally hired after 5 years, they sent a conspirator as a coworker stalking & threatening me at work, to eliminate my employment. The ad's message demonstrates both conspiracies...The Ecowas logo is a lg. red crescent on wh. background, circling most of Africa. A chef's hat looks almost like a kernal of pop corn or a wh. 3 leaf clover. 'Ecowas' may be code for 'he co[mpany] was;' or 'he cow [h]as;' the crescent is similar to Turkey's flag symbol - wh. crescent on red background; possibly part of the conspiracies claiming that if I battle to expose & defeat the corrupt American churches that are preventing me from teaching (so that I can be a Teacher), I'm using promoting, & that's sales, & that means I must be in bed with the Davis rebels, with secret motives to have them as clients (that ignores my insistence on use of the H bomb against them). Additionally, I recently reported fem student with dog & wh sun glasses circling me at Civ. Pk while I was juggling 1-2 weeks ago, & sm girl that went by on bike before that with wh sun glasses, as well as the plot involving wh sun glasses possibly involving Obama (according to evidence) in 2009. The fem made an almost complete circle around me; conspicuously coming short of completing it, assuming I wouldn't report her due to that (but it was conspiracy with yolo deputy d.a.'s conspired "restraining order" in 2004 that banished me from UCD campus for 3 years, & also that was void, due to failing to completely describe the limits of the area I was banished from - a partial circle with a gaping hole on SE side of campus (it was also void for being unconst. - banishment is unconstitutional in & of itself) - the judge approved the order despite it being unconst. as well as the boundaries forming an incomplete circle.
I've recently promoted Turkey as a "bull" spreading the gospel to Russia long ago - & a story about their Taurus mountains. I.e., if I report about the corruption of the church, & God blessing the Russians' sacrifices in Siberia by awarding them with the first manned rocket into the Heavens, claim I can't promote that & still be a teacher. I was looking up the story theme for Blade Runner on 10/1, & under "most frequently asked questions," a question about what the movie is based on, & the response was "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" & with 'electric' & anything having to do with it construed to be codes to send me to the electric chair one way or another, & sheep being turned into a meal in an ad about African food, when blacks should've been making it a point to pipe up on my behalf, & in fact everyone Sacramento should've led the stampede long ago, I'm reporting it. [As of Aug., I am employed P/T by a Sacramento employer, a Chinese cafe; a minimal gesture in the right direction.]