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"For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has rejected you as king," 1 Sam 15:23


JD Salinger's Catcher In the Rye (1951, USA), & Coming Thro' the Rye (an ancient song quoted by Robert Burns, 1782, Scotland), demonstrates God working through American & English (Scottish), possibly with other Europeans assisting, in tracking church corruption consisting of a conspired plot of American churches to willfully ream the Russian churches. Having just come across these evidences this morning, I'm publishing conjectures of what occurred, but there's enough on the surface to demonstrate God orchestrated a supernatural plan to expose & demolish the corruption of the American churches that began with acqueiscing to slavery, & continued with systematic prejudism, & culminated in further wickedness & cowardice of a willfull cover-up the Russians' sufferings for Christ in Siberia - those claiming to be the American body of Christ reaming the Russian body of Christ by attempting to will them into non-existence instead of rescuing them or at minimum proclaiming their courageous godliness. Comin' Thro' the Rye is a song written a year before America won the 7 year war independence in 1783; but slavery had been occurring as of that point for 100-200 years in America. Possibly Burns wrote it in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, or possibly he simply wrote a cute song, & God sent angels inspiring him what to write. Rye is a form of wheat. A 1911 version, located in a work entitled The Bancroft Library (Bertrand Bronson, UC Berkeley) containing The Merry Muses of Caledonia (published by the Burns Foundation), has an alternate version, which may or may not have been penned by Burns, V4 reading,

"Can a body f___ a body?" & "C___'s a body's own" (& other changes)

With or without this more derrogatory version's lyrics, it describes a relationship between "bodies," & this could equate the church body, or church bodies, if you consider various denominations or geographic locations as a factor, & as far as I can tell, Salinger participated in a strategy to lure American churches, & possibly world-wide, including a plan from a fiction novel about a teen named Holden Caulfield; he is struggling in a prep school, then expelled, & while trying to resolve things, he hears a boy singing lyrics "coming through the rye" (lyrics to Comin' Thro' the Rye) & then has a vision about being a catcher in the rye - rye field with thousands of children playing in the field, which is on the edge of a cliff, & he sees himself as the sole guardian, & has to "catch" them, or prevent them, from falling off the cliff. In the story, he attends school in NY, & then ends up in California, temporarily in an institution due to mental illness.

Comin' Thro' the Rye

O, Jenny's a' weet,[A] poor body,
Jenny's seldom dry:
She draigl't[B] a' her petticoatie,
Comin thro' the rye!

Comin thro' the rye, poor body,
Comin thro' the rye,
She draigl't a' her petticoatie,
Comin thro' the rye!

Gin[C] a body meet a body
Comin thro' the rye,
Gin a body kiss a body,
Need a body cry?[D]


Gin a body meet a body
Comin thro' the glen
Gin a body kiss a body,
Need the warl'[E] ken?[F]


Gin a body meet a body
Comin thro' the grain;
Gin a body kiss a body,
The thing's a body's ain.[G]


Ilka lassie has her laddie,
Nane, they say, ha'e I
Yet all the lads they smile on me,
When comin' thro' the rye.

A weet - wet
B draigl't - draggled
C gin - if, should
D cry - call out [for help]
E warl - world
F ken - know
G ain - own

Signals that both the song & the novel are metaphors for the church: 'Body' in the Bible refers to the body of Christ - the church. Rye is a type of wheat, & faithful believers are refered to as wheat in the Bible.

The song lyrics "Can a body kiss a body/Comin' thro' the rye," & " a body...," applied to American churches, in context of the heroic feats of the Russian churches, instead of kissing them - rescuing them (at the beginning of the persecution, by invading with just war basis), or at least loving them praising & glorifying God for their great sacrifices, the American churches reamed them (see version of Comin' Thro' the Rye published in 1911 - but the meaning is conveyed no matter which version); they conspired to cover up their sufferings, refusing to proclaim their examples of dedication to Christ - living out the Word of God in real life - & in fact have attempted to negate their existence! "The thing's a body's own" - 'the thing' - the act of kissing or loving fellow brothers in Christ, is the only way the body of Christ (or a branch of it) can thrive, & prosper, & own, or possess their lives & their souls. The theme lured the churches - the dream of Caulfield about being a guardian of youth was exploited by the churches, being used as a facade to ream me, smearing my reputation with youth, claiming (despite I earned the name of 'A' as of 1999 - it was known internationally soon after that as well) that I couldn't be trusted as a teacher, & they were conspiring for the sake of youth. Ironically, they have unwittingly literally trained almost 2 decades of youth to be deceptive conspirators, in order to perpetuate their plot of enslaving me & preventing me from teaching, & I have tried to be the voice for youth in the region, similar to Caulfield's catcher in the rye, warning that the rebels were ruining millions of kids region-wide. The culmination of the corrupt churches' slavery & reaming of the Russian Christians, therefore, is the corrupting of untold numbers of youths!

God most likely chose me to pipe up about the church corruption, but more than that, in retrospect there seems to have been a recognition among some of those I interacted with, especially when I was temporarily sidetracked in RE, that certain things were being played out - the Salinger tracking - to catch a rebel church: (1)The song lyrics refer to Jenny. University Covenant Church in Davis, Ca. originally instigated the oppression against me, along with Vacaville Christian Academy, where I was a Teacher; I had dated a young lady named Jenn before the oppression started, & after I had survived for a number of years, the rebels then started dictating she would be my wife, despite she had obviously betrayed me; (2)Tactics of oppression of the Davis churches & police included 5150's, which are detentions in a psych ward for evaluation (similar to Holden Caulfield); (3)Another tactic to try to dupe me to give up on life & kill myself was scoffing, which was referred to in code as 'rye,' but it more than simply an expression of skepticism, it was a cruel systematic hoax in attempt to dupe me that I had sinned & was somehow causing disease; (4)After my church & workplace oppressed me, & I was "residentially challenged," making do with RE until I could get back into teaching; I stayed busy & gained a reputation as a "cold calling machine" because all I did was call, call, call to get clients; (5)AT THE RISK OF APPEARING TO BE ENDORSING WHAT HAS BECOME A CITY OF KINGPIN REBELS: It wasn't long before many people in town had heard that I had been treated badly by a church, despite a hard work ethic & reputation as a soul winner, & there was a certain amount of camaraderie at the beginning - i.e., recognizing that the church had betrayed me - Salinger tracking (not that anyone was actually consulting the novel, more like God supernaturally using people & circumstances). Concerning one of my first RE sales, the sellers were to complete the caulk work in the kitchen, but they refused, until I called, insisting they had signed a contract to complete it (i.e., they "fielded" completion of the caulk job despite a "snag." In 2001, I listed & sold the Davis Nursery, a 1/3 acre property; sellers' name was Bassenger (similar to Salinger). Any & all clients & agents eventually betrayed me, caving in to corrupt churches, police, store managers (where I evangelized), business people, etc., &/or subsequently passed away. FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, THE FACTS DEMONSTRATE THAT UNEQUIVOCALLY IT WAS THE CHURCHES IN DAVIS, & THE CORRUPT AMERICAN CHURCHES, THAT BROUGHT ABOUT THE RUIN OF THIS CITY, MORE SO THAN THE ATHEISTS.

The facts of those who were murdered in Siberia were kept from Americans by Americans (gov't & church leaders); it was common knowledge in Europe, for example, that the persecution involved atheist Marxists/Communists persecuting religion (Christianity); in fact, it was common knowledge that the majority of the Soviet leaders in the Communist movement were of Jewish descent (demonstrating that all the details were freely known in European countries. Demonstrating this is the fact that Hitler (from Germany, which prided itself on being the birthplace of Protestantism, where it spread like wildfire throughout Europe in 1500's) began systematically persecuting Jews - it was a form of revenge for Jews killing Christians in Soviet Union. Therefore the details about who was persecuted in Siberia wasn't some deep dark secret kept hidden in the enclaves of the Soviet Red Square; the information was available to the public in the rest of the world, but it was censored in the US - censored by the churches & the gov't. - so that millions of Americans spanning two or more generations, in "land of the free, & the home of the brave" were deceived about the USSR & Russia.

The corrupt American churches directly effected politics from the beginning

Example 1:

Demonstrating the danger & folly of this is the 13 Day Cuban Missile Crisis; as of 1960's, the mass murders had been almost completely eliminated for almost a decade in USSR. The Kennedys must've been briefed upon taking office of the facts concerning the persecution of Christians in Siberia - that USSR was made up of largely Christians on fire for Jesus, if JFK wasn't already aware of it. He claimed to be a practicing Catholic, & yet when Kruschev of USSR started to build missile silos in Cuba - America's "doorstep," essentially, when Kennedy objected, Kruschev pointed out that the US already had silos with missiles on USSR's doorstep, in Turkey, & so if US wanted them to stop building, then remove the missiles from Turkey. Kennedy refused the compromise. I.e., USSR had to halt construction of missile silos in Cuba, while the US could maintain our missiles & silos in Turkey! What's more, but this time, we had Trident subs, with nuclear capabilities; in other words, we could remove the missiles from Turkey, & still have the same doorstep maneuverability for launching! Granted, Kruschev was in fact one of those evil dictators who had been ordering the mass murders in the recent past, but that only emphasizes the point - Kennedy was dealing with a madman who happened to be in control of a nation mostly consisting of faithful Christians - if this dictator was willing to stike a deal, why maintain a poker face, & what's more, a poker face with lopsided conditions, & what's more, it was concerning nuclear arms? But crucially, try to gain this unfair advantage when it amounts to nuclear missiles pointing at a huge population of Christians?!

Example 2:
When Obama became president, in 2009, I had already been enslaved & held hostage many times, & in 3 instances, for long periods of time. The conspiracy consisted of trying to dupe everyone that I was planning to be a salesman (despite as of that point I had publicly stated I my goal was teaching), & that my sales activities would corrupt everyone (despite I was the victim, & courts of law had demonstrated I was squeaky clean, & I had consistently distanced myself from anyone who had violated my rights &/or become involved in the conspiracy). They were claiming my sales had contributed to the corruption - that I had "pushed" when I was in sales, & that had confused everyone, & therefore it contributed to the corruption in Davis. The Bible says, "Don't move the ancient landmarks;" if I had been agressive in real estate, I hadn't committed any crimes, nor had I strayed from landmarks or traditions. Those committing crimes are the criminals. Obama had become president, & no justice; no response, no remedy, despite justice had already been denied me for many years. Then a movie came out with a boy making a pushing action on movie poster, & subtitle, "The push that changed the world," & it was evident I was being lured into self-agrandizement - little chance of any justice coming from Obama. Moreover, the graphics on the poster had a subbliminal, but detectable, huge horse that the boy had pushed - & I'd been stalked for years with kidnappers claiming they were horses - conspirators masquerading as watchdog "Ellies" - & it was orchestrated by the churches, & as of this point, with government involvement, including, evidently, the president. Salinger's original novel cover (above) with the horse, demonstrates they were tracked.

I stated above that it may be more than the American churches involved; there may be a reason why American churches, especially Protestant ones, were clinging to the King James version (the first English version, from 1600's) long after more modern versions had become available, & some are still using it; it was possibly a conspiratorial "deal" with the Church of England, or some of the other congregations of that denomination or others from England. God may have used Robert Burns, with or without his awareness, to track it - a long range form of Scotland Yard. In 1995 I came across a copy of Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe, or one of the other fictional Christian CS Lewis novels, with a cover of a set of double doors opening into Narnia. But strangely, the illustration looked like a uterus, & too much so to be random. & while it isn't quite as concise as the CS Lewis cover design, the cover illustration of the horse on Catcher In the Rye vaguely has that same appearance; & the 1911 copy of Burns' song (copy is publication date of 1911, the version may be from long before that) contains explicit references to sex acts & language. This isn't as unconventional as one might think - God in the Bible often rebuked Israel for following other gods, asserting she was "lifting her skirts," so that her nakedness was exposed, Jer 13:26, & prostituting herself with all the nations, Ps 106:39, & in many other places. CS Lewis is British, but the design of a cover of one of his novels may or may not have involved him, depending on the edition's date. Most likely, it involved English church members & publishers, though, which indicates either they were involved in the cover-up of sufferings in Siberia, or possibly they were acting under cover to lure American churches.

Russian stubbornness tracked
Is there anything too difficult for the Lord? The Russians have had something to do with my sufferings, because they lured the churches, working with people under cover in America. Proof of this is the pictures on former USSR President Gorbachev's website - no black clothing - they tracked the black clothing conspiracy that's been stalking me & haunting me - pictures of him in blue suits; in fact, he & everyone in the pictures are in blue suits from way back - including pictures of him with Bush & with Reagan. They knew the black clothing rebels would come. But - I've told their story, & I'm still trapped & outnumbered by rebels, & no remedy! We've tracked the corrupt churches on their behalf (& also on behalf of the rock & rollers), & they have a duty to remedy the oppression preventing me from prospering & threatening to end my life. If you take a look at that horse again, it's in the shape of Russia - God tracked them because they are delaying! Moreover, the "Taurus" bull Christians from Turkey originally converted them, & indisputably the Siberian Paradeisonauts were "bulls" for the gospel, & I pointed this out, & yet present-day Russians want to parlay games as an out of control horse!!!