Saul Rebellion III



Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota) was designed & orchestrated by an American, Gutzon Borglum, who was born in Idaho, lived in St. Louis Missouri during his childhood, & studied art in France for approx. 6 years as a young adult ( before beginning a career as a sculptor in US. He was hired to design & create Mount Rushmore by Doane Robinson, who had selected Needles (mountains); Borglum rejected this site, allegedly due to poor quality of granite, & instead chose Mt. Rushmore. But the project seems to be a diversion from the US intervening on behalf of the Russians, who were already being sent to Siberia for a period of at least 10 years as of commencement of construction in 1927, & it was during this period of time Borglum was studying in France. It seems probable that the French directly or indirectly inspired Borglum, & possibly God spoke to him, during this time, so that he was prepared to be a witness that the churches in America were essentially burgling (or, burglarizing) the Russians' dedication to Christ with their cover-up - or else God acted supernaturally. In fact, Borglum's first name, Gutzon, sounds like it was the American churches' goal to "own" the gutsy martyrdom sacrifices of the Russians by negating them with diversions in America, such as a huge tribute to our greatest presidents, & in this manner, eliminate any rush to mount an attack to save the persecuted Russian brothers in Christ, as well as any thought of mounting even more (or any) tributes to the Russian saints.

Rebellion culminated in Davis, but it is nation-wide, & in fact Davis has been propped up in innumerable ways - I've exposed so many major conspiracies in this town that in ordinary circumstances they would've been ruined & taken away to prison years & years ago; as of 2004 I began to notice that despite overwhelming victories against my adversaries, comparable to historical scandals exposed & those of fictional tales & movies, Davis rebels seemed undaunted, & no matter how big the scandal, no one got in trouble. In fact, it became evident there were forces propping them up, & sending in reinforcements, so that the original rebels were like voo doo dolls or dead corpes being propped up - essentially I was fighting all new cities - one after another, all within city limits of Davis (& that was before Sac & Vacaville kidnapped me); therefore it became evident there was little chance of a take for justice without recognizing the extent, restrategizing, & battling against a nation-wide church scandal. As far as Mt. Rushmore & Borglum "applicability," Davis, the culmination, became the rebels' 'gut zone;' the locale where open & notorious conspiracies amounting to rebellion continues occurring, with the region maintaining a poker face while monsters commit crimes freely out in the open with no one arrested for it - operating with tactics so blatantly criminal & foolish that the mafia would shun them - they're "mounting" their "hush" about spreading the gospel "more" blatantly in the "gut zone." As I've stated, the battle lines were drawn, with Davis being focus; slavery rearing its ugly head - Jefferson Davis, president of confederacy, & General Sherman, along with Grant, being the most decisive figures halting the civil war rebellion. CRUCIALLY, AS OF THIS POINT, THE 'ZONE' ASPECT HAS DIMINISHED - PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES, NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA, SPORTS ANNOUNCERS, ETC., ALL FREELY CONSPIRE ON NATIONAL TV - THE ZONE WAS THEIR "TESTING GROUND" TO SEE IF THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH IT. Simultaneously, 'burgle 'em;' their tactics almost from the beginning have been pressuring me to become a burglar, bank robber, vicious attacker, etc. Hanover St. was located across from the church that originally instigated the oppression against me in 1996-1997, including calling police & instigating them to start violating my rights. I.e., plot pressuring the victim to crack & commit crimes, such as demanding a bank hand over all their money in a robbery.


As far as "zones," this zone (Sacramento/Yolo/Solano) has literally become a death camp, as though I've been confined to a concentration camp from WWII, with everyone wearing black clothing (as though an army of prison guards - although I'm aware that the black clothing code has become more or less nation-wide), as of 2007. Hypothesis: The cities surrounding Davis supposedly had motives of luring Davis, but it was combined with feeble attempts to get them to repent (by hiring me piecemeal with grunt labor jobs - to provide an example for Davis to follow); but this hypothesis has proven to be only a small part of the picture; either they were plotting to make sure Davis succeeded with their slavery & murder plots all along, or else the surrounding cities lacked the courage & resolve to stampede when Davis failed to repent, & slowly became assimilated with Davis. As of 2013, after 6 years of forcing me to be homeless & at best living out of a truck shell, after my sign-waving job at a pizza parlor in Vacaville ended, the regional conspired plot was to eliminate my truck, supposedly to pressure Davis to hire me. But the very next day after my truck was towed away (16 Jan. 2017), weather changed from cold & rainy (all Fall of 2012, & that first mo. of Winter), to warm, sunny, Spring-like weather, for the rest of Winter, & all of Spring; it sprinkled once in April after that. God literally warned them that his servant Joe deserved justice long before that, & if they were going to dictate a region-wide denial of so much as a vehicle for a residence, then God was changing the weather to make it more amenable for me. Moreover, Ca. went into a state-wide drought from that point on - God took the mat, warning the entire state by changing the weather for several years; the "zone" refused to heed - as of 2013, I'd already been a slave for 16 years, & Sac's plan was to further rob me of what little I had. I've also reported the B of A US flag sign - demonstrating an under cover operation tracking & warning the conspirators - "zone" & beyond (see Hung American Flag Conspiracy). The rest of California is delaying excessively, & I believe God allowed the fires to spank Ca. The first fire in No. Ca. started at Tubbs Ln. in Calistoga - California's sinfulness is comparable to having a "toga" party instead of stampeding & praying during scandalous & dark times in our nation's history (obviously it's worse than that in Davis region). Moreover, forced to live out of a truck shell was the "peak" of my "luxury;" from 2013-2016, I was hobbling around with a suitcase. I was hired P/T in 2016, & also rec'd a small inheritance from my late Uncle Dick, & so was able to get a used SUV in 2016. While living out of a vehicle, to save money I keep nonperishable foods in either a tub or suitcase - from 2008-2012, & 2016-2017; that's a long time to be a slave in context of me being the only one who has held his post as an American, & with everyone willfully empowering the slavery. You could say God fired California (& previously fired No. Ca. Sac region in 2013). I believe they would be re-hired if they stampede, but possibly devastated with any more delays.