• On inaugueration day, Trump said, "We're going to take it all the way to defeat," to one of reporters; if this was a fraudulent insertion from media, & Trump didn't say it, he had duty to clarify it was conspiratorially inserted, & that the new leader of our country isn't set on ruining America, & the media personel have been arrested. The meaning of this expression isn't amiguous, (1) "we're going to take it all the way to defeat" is so unmistakeable in what it signifies, this expression is never used! The ordinary expression is "We're going to take it all the way to victory." No one intentionally tries to be defeated, much less tries to "lead" a nation to be defeated, unless it's a conspiracy; (2) with the uncommon "version" of Trump, it demanded an explanation when it was stated. Stating goals of defeat in public, & while in the public eye, of a leader who is commander-in-chief of the nation is tantamount to declaring goals of treason.
  • The language Trump used referring to Hillary Clinton, recommending someone bump her off - & context failed to lend itself to anything figurative - if not a crime, in the context of presidential candidacy, it's a forewarning of an open willingness to commit crimes - & that eliminates any consideration of holding office as president;
  • While there are no guarantees, usually a citizen running for office, if he or she is of good character, there won't be anyone publicly accusing them of crimes;
  • Trump has used various codes vaguely referring to me, & I've had 2 dreams that he has evil intentions toward me, & has no intention of halting the rebellion. Dreams are not always from God, but combined with prayer, I was led to reject Trump. The philosophy of the Obama administration, is, rather than restoring high standards of justice & equity, if past leaders got away with a little corruption & conspiracy, then it's okay to try to get away with a lot of corruption & conspiracies. If previous administrations trampled over & neglected the American way & civil rights a little, then it must be okay to totally ruin America. Obama's response to officer Jim Crowley's false arrest of Harvard prof. Gates in 2009, at the beginning of Obama's first term, of simply trying to cajole him, rather than set the tone from the beginning that police oppression will not be tolerated, especially in context of conspiracies causing me to disappear repeatedly, demonstrated betrayal of our values early on.
  • Third presidential debate, Clinton brought up nuclear war, & Trump's reply was either "You're up" or "Europe!" as in designs on nuking Europe! In context of use of conspiracy codes how can we know with any certainty we haven't elected a madman!?
  • According to information I've received in the media, & visions I believe are from God, I believe Trump is stalking me based on how thorough & how fast I report stalkings, threats, & plots against me. I am currently working about an 80 hour week, based on reporting conspiratorial codes, applying for jobs, & working P/T job (25-30 hrs/wk) at a local bakery; in reality, in all civilized societies throughout history, the victim reports crimes/complains to the gov't (local or national), & the gov't has the duty (it's what we pay them for) to investigate & arrest villains; traditionally, the victim has little to do with investigating, exposing a conspiracy, etc., & certainly wouldn't get paid for any such activities. I'm being forced to do the majority of the investigating - which is the gov't's job! Moreover, they start threatening me if I miss anything or am not moving quickly enough! IT'S SLAVERY, AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF GOV'T! In this context, I had more than one dream that Trump is stalking me & may be planning to orchestrate kidnap under guise of arrest, (as far as I could tell from the dream) or possibly simply come & gun me down! & it was because I didn't report something quickly enough. Example: I purchased a used suitcase from a local thrift store; there was some adhesive colored paper on 2 of the zipper handles, & another zipper handle looked a little like a soda can pop open tab. I've often had pieces of tape on used suitcases, so at first I didn't notice anything significant. I was then pricing used trucks in Sacramento on Craigslist, & one included the number '18' & the tip of a finger was showing in the picture. The last vehicle I purchased was from a party in Sac, & it ran well & gave me little or no problems for 4 years. On the other hand, Sacramento has been propping up Davis conspiratorially; in 2013 or 2014 God gave me a vision of them under cover for God; I took it to be an offer from God that they could save themselves if they repented & followed through with earlier intentions of luring Davis & crushing them; there has been no repentance, only more plots that I've narrowly escaped - it doesn't look like they've lived up to the vision. The '18' may have been a code, but the guy's finger may also have coincidentally gotten into the picture. The next day in the news, picture of Trump pointing directly at the camera, & his finger tip was lined up so that it was directly in front of his eye, & it was the tip of the finger, the same as the fingertip in the car ad. I then had a dream of Trump appearing to have evil intentions toward me - he had a gun, & was pointing it at me. He was standing next to a pillar, & I noticed soon after that a bank in Winters has similar pillars. I have no intentions of propping up rebels in the Davis vicinity, & my stand is Winters may be getting taken out along with Davis. If any government leaders had the guts to have a relationship with me, they would know I don't tolerate any rebels. TAKE OUT AS MANY REBELS AS IT TAKES, NEAR OR FAR! According to the m.o. of a lot of the gov't leaders (possibly including Trump) they accuse me (& commit acts of kidnap & oppression against me as well, all under the "umbrella" of "dicks") based on assumptions & guess-work. Moreover, I've exposed rebels & conspiracies they never would've dreamed of! By the time I had this dream, I'd already reported the finger nail stalkings on the suitcases.
  • It may be that Trump, as he relates to Davis, sees himself as an extension of the late Don Miller, with whom I at one time attended church, & who was also my RE broker temporarily, until he was too much of a coward to stand up to the biggest broker in town who was trying to get rid of me. Miller was the first one in town to false arrest me & his deceptions (with Davis police' cooperation) instigated a lot more after that - almost all involving persecution for evangelizing about Christ in shopping centers. God has supernaturally judged between me & Don Miller (& all my enemies) countless times - miracles of biblical proportions almost; it's simply unfathomable that anyone would even contemplate trying to prop up Miller - one of the many judgments from God, he was hit by a train, & almost died! Then they made a movie rebuking his him & wife Eve (who was also involved in the false accusations & perjuries they committed against me), Deliver Us From Eva! They were instrumental in instigating the church I was attending to try to finish me off; church leaders calling the police on me at church for no reason, & subsequently conspiring with everyone in town to finish me off.

The 14th Amendment equal protection clause includes protections from discrimination based on race, color, or creed, & these protections are well established law, as enumerated in the Civil Rights Act of 1871 (Ku Klux Klan Act), the Civil Rights Act of 1964, & other court rulings.

The Plege of Allegience:
"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

It's liberty & justice for all, not for those whose religion or color is favored by the current gov't leaders!

A " gov't "of the people, by the people, & for the people," but if you can control who "the people" are, through bans, deportation, etc., then then you can shape your elections, limiting them to hand chosen voters, with everyone else deported or an inferior slave class, & that's a dictatorship.


On 12 Oct. 2016 I placed calls for justice for Canada, & one using terminology from a Star Trek episode, & one based on phoneme of William Shatner's last name (played Capt. Kirk), with motivation of encouraging his & Star Trek producers' public acknowledgement of Christ in an episode of the series. But early the next morning I decided not to include him on the War page of my website, because in 2006 he made a commercial where he emphatically said, "Right now!" & the expression was too emphatic to be referring to the product; i.e., an attempt to subtly warn people that, as everyone knew, I was hostage in jail again, & should be released & my captors should be punished at once. I wrote to him upon release, & he never did anything to help me obtain justice, & so I don't think it's appropriate 10 years later (while the oppression is still occurring) to publish anything on the internet implying "Good job!" So 6 AM on 13 Oct. I removed the calls from my website. Later that morning, I read a report about police, & a shooting in Boston, & reported the following to the Feds:

[Transcript of report to Feds dated 13 Oct. 2016:]

This morning I had a vision of [...] Mex saying "Forma de lealtad diferente," ('different form of loyalty'); I had already had second thoughts about the call for justice implying William Shatner, because in approx. 2006 he made that commercial saying "Right now!" & using his "Rescue 9-1-1" urgency personality - it was a code that someone should intervene for justice on my behalf, but then he never did anything about the oppression against me. So at 6 AM when I got up, I removed the calls for justice involving or referring to Shatner I'd put up last night. This morning, report in the news about Mex male named Kirk Figueroa who was shooting police in Boston, & was shot & killed (USA Today); the report said he shot 12 police officers before he was taken out; then commander Evans made an amazing statement, in the context of police shooting unarmed & blatantly harmless citizens all over the country: With police getting shot up, he instructed his officers to "use deadly force as a last resort..." saying, "We had to do what we had to do..." the message was unmistakeable - the guy is mean & dangerous, respect him & try to protect & preserve his life; if they are "wimps" - unarmed & not a threat to anyone - kill them; use deadly force the first chance you get; this is uncivilized "thug" mentality; respect & watch the backs of dangerous corrupt thugs. Moreover, the timing may have been orchestrated to psych me (is it an actual event, or a staged story to toy with my mind? & staged could be by police or terrorist, or both); either way - whether it was staged or not - God's leading of me exposed the commander & his vile comments at minimum. The vision of the Mex doesn't necessarily mean the mexs or Figueroa as an indiv. staged Figueroa's crimes, but it could be an indicator; & "staged" doesn't mean it was a fake shoot-out, necessarily.

[End of transcript]

The implication of the vision of the Mex (this morning - before I read the report about Kirk Figueroa shooting police in Boston) if you go by the codes, which often use phonemes, it was timed to send a message that I was being careless by promoting Kirk (which I'd already removed any implied promotion of Shatner before this); '[Capt.] Kirk, figure [it's death] row;' either implying Shatner failing to intervene, that's as good as giving them permission in Davis to carry out their death row plot - with his blessing; alternately, Kirk (Shatner) & others owe me justice & should've been in shoot outs with corrupt police long time ago to prevent the death row plots against me - assuming Boston police in role of corrupt Davis police. I.e., the "loyalty" of the Mexicans supposedly is in a round about way pointing fingers at those slow to bring justice. Assuming it was an actual shoot-out with police in Boston, any point of Figueroa is almost totally lost to the fact that first, he himself didn't directly speak out against the oppression & plots against me as well; second, he wasn't acting under authority or color of law when shooting those officers, & so there wasn't any official determination that those exact individuals were part of the death row plots conspired against me - some or all of the officers may have had nothing to do with it, & so he wounded many innocent people & deserved to be taken out. The fact that their m.o. effectively moots any such point is evidence they were actually attempting to i.d. me - the timing points to this as well. If any of it is being staged with police participating (& there seems to be a recent pattern of this - either stalking based on things I've published, or attempts to lure me into a predetermined response - while perpetuating my conditions of isolation) it's evidence of motives of propping up the Davis police.